Dr. Emily Cavell, Ph.D

Dr. Emily Cavell is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in helping people make real and lasting changes in their lives.

Dr. Cavell has developed a unique and powerful collaborative approach which integrates the use of concrete behavioral strategies and insight-oriented psychotherapy.

Moreover, she provides a caring space to examine the reasons why negative patterns became established, and then helps you develop a set of tools to make changes and move towards your goals.

She has focused training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing, a therapeutic technique that optimizes and can often accelerate the change process.

Dr. Cavell approaches her work with the belief that each client possesses unique strengths which, through treatment, can be harnessed to navigate even the most challenging problems.

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What Makes Dr. Cavell’s approach different?

Dr. Cavell believes in helping people connect with their existing strengths. While many traditional therapies focus on what has gone “wrong,” Dr. Cavell believes it is also important to stay in the present and focus on moments of success, for within those lie the seeds of positive change. While making space to discuss the importance of past negative patterns, Dr. Cavell helps her clients to cultivate new skills and ways of thinking to break free from those past patterns that have been holding them back.

Working with Dr. Cavell is a non-judgmental, results-oriented, growth-enhancing experience. She believes that everyone has the power to actualize their potential and has helped countless clients create the types of fulfilling relationships and internal satisfaction they have been hoping for.

How you can benefit?

Have you been feeling stuck? Almost like you know you could be happier but aren’t quite there? Are you often preoccupied with negative thoughts? Do you feel like you’re just coasting through life without really being present? Dr. Cavell specializes in helping people move through moments of stasis so they can lead rich and fulfilling lives.

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